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The Horseman's Heritage


A cowboy romance with ESP paranormal elements.

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The Horseman's Heritage

Hopefully, The Horseman's Heritage by Jacki Bentley is the first book of a series about Peacewatchers which are humanoid aliens that had outpost on Earth in our past. During the Civil War many of the outpost and Peacewatchers families lost contact with their origins. The Peacewatcher people have psychic gifts and believe in living peacefully and as naturally as possible to protect Earth, its inhabitants, and its natural resources. ...

...The Horseman's Heritage grabbed my attention from the first page ... Please let The Horseman's Heritage just be the beginning of a Peacewatchers story line. The Peacewatchers plot line is incredibly innovative and creative. I want to read more about these people; we only get a taste of them in this story. There are a number of secondary characters in this story that would make great stories too. Ms. Bentley could easily follow this tale with the story of Reese's brother, a story of locating other Peacewatcher families, or a story about Gabe, Reese's missing child that he believes died. It doesn�t matter if this is the beginning of a series or a stand alone story, it is excellent. I recommend The Horseman's Heritage!

Reviewed by: Stephanie B.

4 Stars from Romantic Times Book Reviews

This suspenseful romance has some subdued paranormal elements, and that's not a bad thing. An intriguing blend of abilities -- seeing the future, hearing voices and knowing one's ancestors -- contribute to the hero's and heroine's inner and outer conflicts.

Summary: Ashley left the Texan cowboy she fell in love with when Reese told her he wouldn't have children with her. She took with her the memory of their time together and the beginning of a new life inside her. Now she struggles to answer her daughter's questions about why she has no daddy as she works to finalize plans for a top-secret invention. When Reese arrives on her doorstep, Ashley isn't sure what's worse -- her fear of telling him her secret or the desperate pull he has on her heart.

Reese's heart was torn out when Ashley left. Nothing else could make his soul bleed -- not even the death of his wife and child years before. When Ashley says she wants to meet, he goes to her and finds the woman of his dreams has a secret that could tear them further apart. But when he hears his son's voice telling him Ashley is in danger, he vows to keep the stubborn woman safe. (NewConceptsPublishing.com, dl $5.99) HOT
�Faith V. Smith


4.5 Stars From ECataRomance.com

When the fate of the world lies in hooking up his dad with his sister's mother a few years after his own death - well, that's just one of the weird things about being a Peacewatcher...

Wow! Jacki Bentley's amazing world is engrossing. As Ashley and Reese come to terms with the decisions they made in the past, they are faced with a real threat from something unknown. Their characters grow and become better people but only with a little guidance from their ancestors and those who love them. The journey that they take to find each other and their heritage is one you'll want to take with them. The Peacewatcher People are interesting and what little bit we learn of them in The Horseman's Heritage just whets your appetite for more. So, be on the lookout!!  
4.5 stars Trang Black ~ Ecataromance


4.5 Blue Ribbons From Romance Junkies .com

THE HORSEMAN'S HERITAGE is a beautifully written love story.   Jacki Bentley pens a plot packed with suspense, misunderstandings and tender passion.   This captivating tale had me reading throughout the night to see how the story would end.   I loved the touch of paranormal that Ms. Bentley added to the plot.   I laughed out loud, sobbed at the loss of love and sighed at the romantic ending.    

Ashley is a beautiful character who has taken it upon her shoulders to be successful and be a good parent to her child.   She is lonely, stubborn and strong-willed.   She will do anything to protect her child and the man she loves.    

Reese is sexy, passionate and obstinate.   His heart is broken after suffering a painful loss and he is not willing to risk having another family.   Yet he is head over heels for Ashley and must confront his fears to stay with the woman who has captured his heart.  

I recommend THE HORSEMAN'S HERITAGE to all who enjoy a lovely romance. ~  Billie Jo


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The detailed love scenes and the emotions expressed by the characters made the story come to life ~ Reviews by Crystal