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A futuristic romance
Space ships...flying horses...and a happy ever after love story


"...entertaining and easy to follow, and the secondary characters are appealing."

--Romantic Times Reviews

Five Blue Ribbons -- RomanceJunkies.com

ANGEL AND THE FLYING WARHORSES is the author's debut novel and the best futuristic/science fiction book I have ever read.  Jacki Bentley pens a heartwarming love story that drew this reviewer in from the very first page.  I could not put this enchanting tale down until I finished the last page.   -- Billie Jo


Five Stars -- Ecataromance.com

...a perfect union of science fiction futuristic fantasy with romance 


Five Angels -- Recommended Read from Fallen Angel Reviews

The intrigue and action in the plot keep the story moving
and engrossing. The minor characters of the book appealed
to me on many levels

-- Gretchen


A "Ten" from RomanceDesigns

The story is well-presented and nicely balanced, filled with action and peopled with credible characters, both good and bad


 "An intriguing story," says Robin D. Owens   www.robindowens.com


Four Coffee Cups from Coffee Time Romance  -- "Angel and The Flying Warhorses is a captivating tale where Garek and Angeni ignite the pages with a soothing chemistry that is moving and full of compassion. Jacki Bentley weaves a delightfully enchanting story with a touch of chaos; mystery and passion making this story a page-turner." -- Cherokee, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


Four Rose Read from RomanceReaderAtHeart.com

 I'm not a big fan of futuristic romance. Oh, sure I'm a Trekkie, but only because I had a crush on Captain Kirk when I was a teen. However, I very much enjoyed ANGEL AND THE FLYING WARHORSES, not for the world that Ms. Bently created (which was nicely done, by the way), but because I loved the hero, Garak. He was brave and masculine and fantastic. My kingdom for such a man!

Angeni was likable as well and I enjoyed the other characters. The plot was intricate enough to keep me turning the pages so that I can definitely recommend this read!



Week of April 16, 2006, Angel was:
Number 15 on the Reader Rating List and Number 19 on the Best Seller List, Fictionwise.com